Entrance exam
Requirement for admission to master academic studies
at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade

In the first year of master academic studies can enroll:

person who has completed appropriate undergraduate academic studies in the field
art, architecture and design, achieving at least 240 ECTS credits;

a person who has completed undergraduate studies in the fields of art, architecture and
design, according to the regulations that were in force until the entry into force of the Law on Higher

An applicant who is applying for the contest, submitted documentation provided by the competition and works in specific areas which prove the aptitude of candidates for the study program or module, for which you are applying.

All applicants take an entrance exam.

The ranking of candidates on the entrance exam shall be determined on the basis of the general average mark achieved in previously completed studies and the results achieved in the entrance exam.

A candidate can acquire a maximum of 100 points, as follows:

  • a maximum of 30 points for the success of the previously completed studies and
  • maximum of 70 points for success in the entrance exam.

Program of entrance examination

The entrance examination is carried out on the basis of discussions with the candidate, together with the review of submitted documents and papers.

For all study programs and all modules are submitted to:

  • CV (résumé)
  • Letter of intent (to one typewritten page)
  • works (depending on the module)

and is done talking.

Papers submitted by the candidate, interdependence of the study program or module to which it applies:


  • Applied arts

  • Design

  • Conservation and restoration